The Art of Cyber Conflict

Author and BTI Fellow Henry Sienkiewicz

Henry Sienkiewicz Portrait

Sun Tzu meets Michael Hayden. In a very provoking and highly insightful manner, BTI Fellow, Henry J. Sienkiewicz applies “The Art of War” to the issues of operating and defending in cyberspace. With a fresh perspective, it allows individuals and organizations get beyond the day-to-day and to think strategically about how to recognize, remediate, and respond to the emerging threats through the application of Sun Tzu’s timeless framework to the emerging cyber domain.

The Art of Cyber Conflict Cover “The Art of Cyber Conflict” provides a common language and reference model that all parties, technical/non-technical, management/non-management, can use to understand underlying threats. It centers on the topic of how to think about the problem of cyber, the noun that has become shorthand for a wide range of  disparate topics to include the network, systems, applications, and digital devices; conflict in cyber; cyber conflict; cybersecurity; and cyber safety.