Materials Research Collaborative (MRC) at the University of Houston College of Architecture serves as a materials resource for material discovery, innovation, instruction, and research. Serving both the students at the College of Architecture and professional architects and designers in the Houston area, this resource will positively impact continual education and awareness of sustainability in material choices and provide an arena for students and professionals to work together to investigate new and innovative material solutions. Access to this resource will enhance the ability of designers to make appropriate and informed designs regarding materiality in their work with benefits stretching beyond the education of the individual student or architect and positively impacting the quality of life in the Houston area.

This work is being supported by the MRC founding member firms including: Page Southerland Page, Kendall Heaton, Gensler, and Ziegler Cooper. The work is also supported by the University of Houston Green Building Components grant program and the Architecture Center Houston Foundation.

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