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UHDPS offers tips for students to keep their belongings secure

The University of Houston Department of Public Safety has a list of tips for students who use the library and other public areas for studying.

  • Always be aware of your surroundings.  Report suspicious people and circumstances to UH police by calling 713-743-3333.
  • Do not leave your property unattended. Not even for a moment!  If you take a food, drink or bathroom break, be sure to keep your cell phone, laptop, textbooks and bags with you. 
  • Utilize lockers in areas where they are available. 
  • Keep your valuables on you at all times. Avoid bringing valuable personal property with you, but if you must, be sure to keep it on your person. Backpacks, bags and purses should be kept with you or locked up. You should not hang your coat or jacket on the back of a chair if you have personal items in the pockets.
  • Record serial numbers or mark valuable property with your driver's license number. Take photos of your property so it can be identified when found.
  • Lock your car whenever it is unattended. Even if you are loading your car and just going back inside for another box, lock the doors. Thieves have been known to monitor areas and can move quickly to take unattended property.
  • Watch out for your neighbor. If someone forgets to secure their area or property, keep an eye on it or remind them to take their valuables with them.
  • Never remain alone in isolated or unoccupied areas, including classrooms, libraries and other campus buildings.  When possible, always study with a friend or group.
  • Avoid walking alone at night and stay on lighted routes.  If you'd like a security escort, call UH police at 713-743-3333.

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