NSO Schedule

New Student Orientation (NSO) is a required, overnight two-day program for all new freshman. You are required to stay overnight the first night of your NSO and will check out on the second (and final) day of your conference.

One week prior to your conference, you will receive a confirmation email with logistic information, including your specific assigned arrival time for Check-In. Check-In occurs on the morning of Day 1 and is mandatory for all participants. You should be prepared to arrive on campus at approximately 8 am (UH does arrival in waves and will assign you a specific arrival time), remain on campus overnight and be prepared to be on campus on Day 2 until 5 pm.

Because of the nature of the program, it is not appropriate for anyone except parents/guardians or spouses to attend as a guest. Friends or siblings are not allowed to accompany students. The exception would be an older sibling who is acting in a guardian capacity; however, in this case, the sibling would attend Family Member Orientation and would not be with you during any time parents and students are not ordinarily together.

New Student Orientation Schedule:

8 a.m. - 9 a.m. Check-In! Once you have checked into your New Student Orientation, your day begins. Be sure to come prepared with your overnight bag and toiletries!
9 a.m. - 9:30 a.m. Meet your roommate and get settled in! Your neighbors are your small group members and your O-Team Leader is living right beside you.
Your Day 1!

For the rest of the morning you will be in small groups led by upper classmen called the Orientation Team, or O-Team, and in academic sessions which will prepare you for your college meeting and initial advising appointment.

After lunch, you will spend time with your College and begin preparing for course registration, which will occur on Day 2.

Our official programming runs late into the evening, but you will have plenty of time to enjoy a little down time before you head off to sleep in preparation for a jam-packed Day 2 schedule!

Your Day 2! Day 2 prepares you for academic registration by providing you with information about university services like housing, dining, parking, financial aid and scholarships. You will register for housing, dining and parking when you sign up for courses.