Get admitted

  • Only students who have been officially admitted to the University of Houston will be allowed to attend Orientation.
  • Students returning to UH after previously taking classes here should not attend Orientation, but make an appointment with their academic advisor.
  • Students cannot register for a New Student Orientation without an invitation; students are pre-assigned New Student Orientation dates, upon receipt of the conference date students should log into their myUH account and confirm their attendance. If students do not secure a space in their invited conference date they will be automatically pre-assigned to a later conference date.

Texas Success Initiative

  • You are required to clear the TSI requirement before you will be allowed to enroll in classes.
  • The Texas Success Initiative, or TSI, is a state-legislated program designed to ensure that students enrolled in public colleges and universities possess the academic skills needed to perform effectively in college level course work.
  • TSI replaced TASP, the Texas Academic Skills Program, as of Fall semester 2003.
  • If you graduated from a Texas Public High School you may be exempt; for a complete understanding of exemptions, please click here.
  • If you have questions about the TSI requirements, please contact UScholars at 832-842-2100.

Math Placement Exam

  • All incoming freshman must take the Math Placement Exam. SAT and AP scores do not make you exempt.
  • Before you can take the Math Placement Exam, you will need to create an account with CASA and take the Math Placement Exam. To do this, visit and follow the instructions provided.
  • You cannot attend your New Student Orientation or enroll in math- or science-related courses if you have not completed the Math Placement Requirements.

Register for Orientation

Students will self-select a New Student Conference date; you should select the earliest available New Student Conference date that you can attend. At the New Student Conference, you will be directed to your College Meeting and Individual Academic Advising Session.

To select a conference date:

  1. LOGIN to your myUH account:
  2. CLICK on “Student Admission” on the left side and then click on “New Student Conference”
  3. CHOOSE your preferred, available date (note: conference dates fill quickly and are available on a first come, first serve basis)

Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination Documentation

  • Beginning January 2012, Texas State law (SB 1107) mandates that all entering students under the age of 30 provide a certificate signed by a health care provider or an official immunization record verifying that a student has been vaccinated against bacterial meningitis, or has received a booster during the five years prior to registration.
  • Documentation must be submitted to the University of Houston a minimum of ten days before the start of the semester.
  • More information can be found at

Get your ID

  • This year, the Cougar Card Office is launching online photo submittals for your new Cougar Card, the official identification card for all students. Please visit their website at and select the Cougar Card Online icon for details on submitting your photo. Submit your photo no later than one week prior to your conference date.

Attend Orientation