Chart: National Research University Fund Performance on National Research University Fund Criteria

The National Research University Fund (NRUF) was established by the 81st Texas Legislature, and approved by voters in a statewide election, to financially assist seven Emerging Research Universities, including UH, become more nationally competitive. These universities become eligible to receive funding as they meet qualifying criteria developed by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB). The results, below, indicate that UH has satisfied these specific requirements and qualifies for NRUF financial support.

To qualify for NRUF, a University must: Does UH satisfy criteria?
1. Be designated an Emerging Research University by the THECB UH is an Emerging Research University. cm
2. Expend $45M in restricted research funds for two consecutive years preceding the state fiscal biennium FY09 $50 M cm
FY10 $57 M cm
FY11 $53 M cm


Plus satisy four of the following six criteria for two consecutive years preceding the state fiscal biennium:

1. Maintains an endowment of at least $400M

FY09 $441M cm
FY10 $491M cm
FY11 $591M cm


2. Awards at least 200 Ph.D.s FY09 187 X
FY10 200 cm
FY11 239 cm


3. Is a member of the Association of Research Libraries, Phi Beta Kappa OR Phi Kappa Phi UH is a member of the Association of Research Libraries and Phi Kappa Phi. cm


4. Enrolls high quality freshmen:


a. At least 50% of freshmen graduated in the top 25% of their high school class
The average SAT score (or ACT score) of the freshman class at the 75th percentile is at least 1210 (or 26)


b. The freshman class reflects the population of the state or the institution’s region with respect to underrepresented students

% of Freshmen in Top 25% of High School Class
FY09 51% cm
FY10 60% cm
FY11 59% cm


Average SAT/ACT of Freshmen at 75th Percentile
FY09 1190/25 X
FY10 1180/25 X
FY11 1200/25 X

The freshman class at UH substantially reflects the diversity of the Houston metropolitan area. cm

5. Possesses a high quality faculty:

a. At least 5 members of the national academies or Nobel laureates
b. At least 7 faculty achieve distinction by receiving prestigious awards

National Academy Members & Nobel Laureates
FY09 8 cm
FY10 7 cm
FY11 8 cm


Faculty Award Recipients
FY09 3 X
FY10 4 X
FY11 5 X

6. Maintains high quality graduate programs:

a. Possesses at least 50 graduate programs
b. The 5-year master’s graduation rate is at least 56%
c. The 10-year research doctoral graduation rate is at least 58%

Number of Graduate Programs: 135 cm
Master’s Graduation Rate: 81% cm
Doctoral Graduation Rate: 56% X