University Advancement Quick Contacts
(for updates, contact Nicole Broyles)

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Area Name Email Phone
Acknowledgement Letters Tina Vasquez 713-743-8843
Alumni Relations Events Kristin Burch 713-743-8843
Alumni Relations/High Profile Alumni Mike Pede 281-932-7949
Annual Giving / Fund for UH Rachel Brown
Bequest / Estate Notification of Gift Robert King 713-743-8748
Blaffer Art Museum Tracy Smith 713-743-9116
Board of Visitors Jessica Jarvis 713-743-8880
C. T. Bauer College of Business Maya Houston 713-743-3655
Call Center (Coogs Calling Coogs) Jonathan Brooks 713-743-8853
Campaign Planning Committee Rebecca Gentry

Campaign / PROJECT 2020 Rebecca Gentry 713-743-3573
Chairs & Professorships Jeremy Edwards jtedward@Central.UH.EDU 713-743-2715
Class Rings Scotty Lopez  713-743-7932
College of Education Olivia Thompson 713-743-8026
College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Ellen Phillips 713-743-4016
College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Janis Parsley 713-743-8375
College of Optometry Matthew Perkins 713-743-0859
College of Pharmacy Matthew Perkins 713-743-0859
College of Technology Vernon King 713-743-4886
Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management Jon Schultz 713-743-2738
Contact List Updates Nicole Broyles 832-842-4734
Contact/Solicitation Preferences Sandra Jacobson sljacob2@Central.UH.EDU 713-743-8687
Corporate Relations Mark Putnam 713-743-0954
Cougar Cents Piggy Banks/Cougar Spirit Cords Michaela Clark
Cullen College of Engineering Russell Dunlavy 713-743-4209
Donor and Alumni Communication Nicholas Almanza 713-743-5891
Donor and Alumni Events Beth Lee 713-743-8852
Donor Relations / Donor Recognition Jeremy Edwards 713-743-2715
Employees, New or Departing Nicole Broyles


Endowment Reports Jordan Tucker 713-743-7738
Foundation Relations

Mark Putnam  713-743-0954
Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture Joel T. Wyatt  713-743-2584
Gifts in Memory / Honor of Tina Vasquez 713-743-8843
Gift Planning Robert King  713-743-8748
Gift Receipts & Recording Ronnie Calhoun 713-743-8920
Graduate College of Social Work Connie Lloyd 713-743-3599
Houston Pacesetters Rachel Brown 713-743-6627
Houston Public Media Julia Anderson-Smith  713-743-6878
Mail Appeals Sandra Jacobson sljacob2@Central.UH.EDU 713-743-8687
Matching Gifts Ronnie Calhoun 713-743-8920
M.D. Anderson Library Todd Marrs 713-743-9741
Moores School of Music Ellen Phillips 713-743-4016
Naming Opportunities Jordan Tucker 713-743-7738
Online Giving Pages Mark Walcott 713-743-0223
Pledge Management Ronnie Calhoun 713-743-8920
President's Medallions Shannon Keen  713-743-8294
President's Scheduling Lauren Wilbur  713-743-8059
Principal Gifts Wayne Smith 713-743-8197
Prospect Management & Research Ali McLane  713-743-7800
Reports, Advancement Douglas Holloway 713-743-8072
Rising Stars Rachel Brown  713-743-6627
Spirit Cord/Cougar Grad Challenge Michaela Clark 713-743-2201
Stock Transactions Lisa Holdeman  713-743-8408
Student Affairs Edward Davis II 713-743-7391
Student and Young Alumni Giving Michaela Clark
The Honors College Olivia Thompson 713-743-8026
TRIP Matching Program Shannon Keen 713-743-8294
UA Intranet Brian Minton  713-743-1344
UA Website Brian Minton  713-743-1344
UH Athletics Katina Jackson 713-743-0837
UH Gives Back Jonathan Brooks 713-743-8853
UH Law Center Russell Gibbs 713-743-2203
UH Libraries Todd Marrs 713-743-9741
Updates: Names/Addresses Ronnie Calhoun 713-743-8920
VC/VP Calendar/Scheduling Anneka Roberson 713-743-4007
(office of) Vice Chancellor/Vice President Shannon Keen  713-743-8294
Wire Transfers Ronnie Calhoun 713-743-8920